SOTA OE/TI-416 Wildseeloder

WX was very fine today – mostly shady all the way up and temperatures of abt. 15 degrees up on 2.000m above sea level. We could go up by car to a height of 1.400m and therefore “only” had to climb up an altitude difference of 719m.The chosen frequency soon had a little QRM but I managed to get 4 QSO`s in the log in 10 minutes. OE2SNL Franz was on SOTA too – we had a direct SOTA-to-SOTA QSO on 2m FM. His summit for today was Schwalbenwand (OE/SB-173). So thank`s for the chaser-points.
The other people on the pictures are my YL, her grandfather and her parents 😉

Worked stations: EA5KB/P on Cardola Island, SM6CMU, SV2KGA and of course OE2SNL/P

Thank you all for coming back to the call
73, OE2ATN

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